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*news news news*
Hey guys! I’m so excited about GOOD NEWS!!!
U asked me many times where to get my Cd and merch.. so here’s the answer

Work Behind The Scene

Hey all!!! Now I wanna show u a little bit behind the scences. that’s an instrumental demo version that we are working on! so i’m really proud to show u the first demo stuff! THAT’S HOW THE BEGINNING OF my upcoming production SOUNDS! The finished diamond coming soon … ENJOY those seconds. xoxo dorota

New Video “One Big Mess”

Don’t miss to watch Dorota’s brandnew video “One Big Mess”. Proud to announce that the shoot is over and the vido is a part of youtube! Masses of blood were used and hopefully a little diary will be released of those bloody days as well! Don’t be scared keep watchin’!

Welcome To The New Space Of Rock-Sound!

Welcome guys! Here you will get all updates about Dorota – hard/rock/heavy – singer form Austria. Be sure to stay tuned and check back for all tourdates, merch and much more! THX FOR YOUR SPREAD!  \m/ Dorota  

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